Increasing the lifetime value of your existing customers.  Our sole focus is to engage your hard earned customers in the right medium at the right time with the right value proposition to keep them excited to continue to buy and build customer loyalty.

Welcome to Team Retention

Winning customers is hard in today’s marketing-saturated digital world. Keeping them is even tougher. Retaining the right ones is the veritable holy grail of direct-to-consumer brand building.

We studied every angle of the retention game. We know where the challenges are and where the opportunities abound. We formed Team Retention to put them to work for you.

The Retention Journey—You and Your Consumers

If you do it right, it’s a journey that can last a lifetime. Your great product, high-value offer, strong communication and deep understanding of your consumers connects them to you. We use the right channels, at the right times, to deepen that relationship, drive additional sales and strengthen your marketing mix.

  • EMAIL + SMS reduces acquisition costs
  • EMAIL + SMS drives more sales
  • EMAIL + SMS reduce dependency on social + keyword advertising
  • EMAIL + SMS diversify your marketing mix
  • Customer Service (CX) retains consumers 
  • Customer Service delivers unique insights
  • Customer Service leverage understanding into a profit center

One Stop Shop

Our one-stop shop acts as a plug-n-play solution for brands—cost-effective and time-efficient. Instead of building and managing an expensive team, you can focus on your brand, products and consumers. We handle the rest.

Data: Expertise building and growing million-plus distribution lists. Strong focus engagement and conversion metrics.

Partnerships: Long-standing relationships with the best-of-breed platforms to ensure a smooth on-boarding process and increase efficiency fast.